Engine Room Simulator Development

  • Project name: Engine Room Simulator Development
  • The SAN-TEZ Project, wherein PROMATECH is partnering with ITU MARİTİME FACULTY, is supported by the Ministry of Industry
    • Project duration: 1 June 2014 -1 December 2016
    • Project participants: PROMATECH (Turkey), ITU MARITIME FACULTY (Turkey)

Within the scope of this project an active human interface software, integrated advanced crew interface software and algorithm is developed to simulate the main engine’s gas handle and telegraph system. This engine room simulator will be used for educational and training purposes. When a training session is ended the time course and parameters of the training can be saved so the exact training can be repeated or picked up where left off. The use of a modular written software makes it possible to carry out simulations of various engine types and systems. Engine Room Simulator is compatible for simulations of for example Ro-Ro type ships as well as propeller driven ships.