Modeling Software

Modeling Software functions

Improve your design

  • Use drawing units to be able to divide your project into several work packages for different design teams.make the 2D intersections and achive the resulting 3D construction model, construction drawing and weight report.
  • Designs made with Modeling Software can instantly taken over by the Production software to avoid rework

3D construction model

  • Automatic generation of typical shipbuilding parts like floors, web frames, bulkheads, brackets, etc.
  • Automatic generation of typical shipbuilding details like welding holes, longitudinal cutouts, manholes, etc.
  • Use the standart profile library (profile type, dimensions, materials, end details).

Construction drawing

  • Create hull expansion drawings with use of the “3D-to-2D-conversion” (2D-to-3D is also available).
  • Take advantage of the drawing tools specific developed for the marine industry.

Weight reports

  • Calculate the weight of: parts, frames, sections or entire ships.
  • Calculate the COG (Center Of Gravity).

MasterShip and SARC joined forces

SARC (design and stability software) and MasterShip (modelling and production software) have joined forces. This leads to a smooth workflow from concept design to construction modelling, production and loading evaluation.