The pressure of competition in the maritime industry is rising as steadily as the regulations are becoming stricter. The demand for innovation in the maritime industry therefore has become inevitable. PROMATECH’s products are developed to fulfill this growing need for innovation and will help companies in the industry to stay sea miles ahead of their competition. PROMATECH’s product portfolio is developed in-house by a highly qualified team in close cooperation with reputable universities and have been sold to leading industry professionals. Besides in-house developed products PROMATECH is the exclusive distributor in Turkey of the quality software solutions of MasterShip and SARC.

As the pressure on the Maritime Industry to achieve cleaner, safer and more efficient operations is consistently rising and the number of regulations needed to conform with is steadily growing PROMATECH recognizes the need for innovation within the industry.

PROMATECH immerses herself in her clients’ need for innovation, develops intelligent solutions accordingly and helps them to overcome their obstacles.