SARC’s standard software is marketed under the brand names PIAS (Program for the Integral Approach of Ship design), Fairway (PIAS module hull design and fairing) and Photoship (PIAS module for the measurement of ship hull shapes by photogrammetry), LOCOPIAS (loading computer software for on-board use),. Where applicable this software is according to the latest legislations, IMO directives and classification demands. PIAS is in use now by more than 100 organisations, while LOCOPIAS is installed on board of over 750 vessels.

What is PIAS?

PIAS, which is an acronym for Program for the Integral Approach of Shipdesign, is an integrated computer program for ship design. It comprises, among others, modules for the design of hull and internal geometry, and for the computation and assessment of intact stability, (probabilistic) damage stability, longitudinal strength, resistance and propulsion and much, much more. A complete functionality list can be found in the Modules section. PIAS, which has been approved by major classification societies, can be used in all design stages, from the first preliminary sketch up to the final design, including the related delivery documents. Calculations are executed according to the different international regulations, such as IMO, SOLAS and MARPOL.

Why choose PIAS?

  • PIAS is a toolbox for Naval Architects and is designed for fundamental user-friendliness.
  • PIAS is a product of SARC, a team of experienced naval architects with hands-on experience.
  • PIAS is used by the vast majority of Dutch design offices and yards and many others worldwide.
  • PIAS calculations are accepted by the major classification societies.
  • PIAS calculations are presented in comprehensive reports.
  • PIAS Fairway module for hullform design is based on a novel and sophisticated method.
  • PIAS is equipped with dedicated, Windows-based, Graphical User Interfaces, which makes it intuitive to operate.
  • PIAS is fully menu-operated, thus reducing the learning curve and avoiding errors associated with software using script programming.
  • Continuous research and developments of new methods, modules and options ensures the software to be up-to-date in operation as well as advanced in methodology.
  • PIAS is modular: only purchase the modules as required; additional modules can be supplied instantly.
  • PIAS modules are used beyond the scope of shipbuilding: floating transport and submersion of motorway tunnel segments, a flood barrier and offshore constructions are but a few examples.