Production Software

The Production Software consists of three modules:


With this program you are able to achieve all required production information for any vessel, such as workshop drawings, NC-codes, parts lists, profile saw lists, hull expansions, shaping moulds, etc.

The software translates an initial or basic design into production information and is fully integrated with the latest AutoCAD versions.

Other functions of the Production Software:

• Shapes can be imported from any source, DWG,DXF, IGES,2D,3D, Table-of-offsets, etc.;
• The software is able to generate intersections automatically;
• Parts can be added by choosing specific templates and dimensions;
• Stiffeners can be added by type, dimension and end details;
• Construction parts can be added from the library and altering the specific details;

All combined results into a 3D model, workshop drawing, reports, nestings and stiffener plot after which immediately can be started with construction.

MasterShip and SARC joined forces

SARC (design and stability software) and MasterShip (modelling and production software) have joined forces. This leads to a smooth workflow from concept design to construction modelling, production and loading evaluation.